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Dear friends,

Joining us today for an interview with Radio Schizoid  is Trinodia aka Daniel Eldström / Ovnimoon Records from Sweden .Daniel  first found his love for performing psychedelic trance in 1992, since then he has been perfecting his sound and releasing his musical creations on his own and through net-labels since 2003. Let us hear more from Daniel about him and his new album “Stargazing ( Ovnimoon Records )


Radio Schizoid : Please tell us about yourself and how and when did you start making psytrance music.

Trinodia : My name is Daniel Eldström and I’m 34 year old and live in Göteborg, Sweden. I grew up with two older brothers who were into making musicwith synthesizers so it was natural for me to continue in theirfootsteps. One of my older brothers started a collaboration studiocalled Sin City where many people got together with their equipment in a shared midi studio and thats where i started to make music for real in the early 1990s. It took a couple of years before i started to do mainly goa/psytrance but it was around 1994 that i ended up doing my first goa trance tracks. The main reason that it happened to be goa trance instead of other genres of electronic music were simply because i fell in love with the sound of goa at once when i heard it. It was so out of this world and full of energy. I’m not exactly sure where and how i heard goa trance first but the first cd of the genre i bought were Order Odonata Volume 1 and the sound on this compilation has always been in the back of my mind as the sound to aim for when doing my music. Dragonfly Records releases always had a very distinct sound to it and i listen to these cds often still today.



Radio Schizoid : Your new album “Stargazing” is scheduled to be released on Ovnimoon Records. Tell us what we can expect from your new album.

Trinodia : With this release i feel i have more defined my take on Goa trance and have brought more of my knowledge of making music into it. The mixing of the songs are also better since i have upgraded my studio equipment during the last year. I also had a more complete idea of what i wanted the album to be about so the sound of it would be more coherent. I like to tell stories with my music so that has also been a clearer idea throughout the entire album and i hope it can be heard.


Radio Schizoid : Your last album “Human History” received some rave reviews all around.Also you decided to make the album available free for download. Why is that?

Trinodia : Before it was released i didn’t expect it to get the level of attention that it got since my previous release, Unknown Space didn’t make a lot of noise so it was really fun to read the comments that people wrote about my music and it drove me on to start working on the next album.Releasing it for free was what felt like the natural thing to do since i do music first of all for fun at a hobby level so making money from it isn’t really something i think about. I enjoy making music so much that i want others to enjoy it as well so getting the music out there is what i want. If its for free or not? I prefer free since more can
enjoy it then but i pretty much take the chances i get to get music out there. Also, we all know that cd releases gets pirated and put out there for free anyway so releasing for free you might say is to skip that step so more people can enjoy the release in its intended format and quality.

Radio Schizoid :  You have been in the music scene for a very a long time and your sounds have changed over the years. Tell us about your music journey
so far.

Trinodia : It doesn’t feel like its been a long time but when i think back at what i have done my music has indeed changed styles a lot during the years.
During the1990s my music changed from commercial trance in the early years to goa trance more or less up till 1999. During the years of goa trance i switched gear a lot and were mainly involved in what is known as the Demoscene and made tracker based music with software like Protracker and Fasttracker witch basically means you have limited amount of channels to work with, you only use samples and you have no effects that you can use so if you wanted an echo, you had to program it. Not much really happened during the 1990s, i didn’t get to do any releases except on competitions in the Demoscene and i put the music making more or less on the shelf around 1998. In 1999 i moved to Stockholm to my brothers and helped one of my older brothers build a music studio and i got more interested again to create music again so at new years eve 1999 i watched on tv parts of the Jean Michel Jarre concert from Giza in egypt and got the feeling back to create music for real so i started to make remixes of Jean Michel Jarre tracks under the name Voxel9. During the next two years i made two albums with this project called Inner Journey and Nature and i would call the style of these albums ambient/electronica. In 2001 i met with an old friend and went to the club called Docklands in Stockholm where i were introduced to the form of psytrance that were made back then and just
by going to some parties again and enjoying the music made me want to do psytrance again and i started the Trinodia project.

The Trinodia project has been around now 10 years and it has been transforming from almost minimalistic psytrance to psytrance, then to full on and now to a mix of goa trance, psy and full on. I have put this project on hold two times, first time back in 2005, then brought it back to life again in 2006 just to put it back to sleep again in 2008. 2009 were the year when i got the idea to start making goa trance again since thats where my first love of psytrance were and
when i had made a couple of tracks it just felt right so i continued to create music that i first of all enjoyed myself and thats where i am today.

Radio Schizoid :  You have also made music collaborating with other artists in the past. Will you be working with other artists in future?

Trinodia : Most likely there will be more collaborations. Either in the form of vs songs or bigger projects like i did with Miraculix. Nothing is at the moment planned but if something comes up its always interesting and fun to work with other artists. Its a great possibility to learn more and get inspired to drive my own music forward.


Radio Schizoid : Whats inspires you to make music. What keeps you going?

Trinodia : Mainly its my own drive to always get better at what i do. Im never satisfied with the music i create and that keeps me going. For inspiration i tend to listen to others music as well as my own older tracks. Playing live, djing, watching a good movie or simply having a good day at work. All those things can give me inspiration to create.

Radio Schizoid : What are your future plans? Do you plan to play in festivals around?

Trinodia : At the moment i actually have no bookings in the future for playing live at all but i hope to play at some parties and festivals this year. If that will happens we will have to see. There are some releases coming in the nearest future, among others re-releases of my older albums, Ignorant and Untuned Visions swell as some Eps of the unreleased material i have.

Radio Schizoid :  Any word for Radio Schizoid listeners.

Trinodia : I would like to thank everybody who listens to my music for their support and hope to see you all at parties around the world in the nearest future.

Thanks Daniel :)


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