DJ Jordan – Show & Interview on Radio Schizoid

By cray3 • Artists, EDM, Events, Interview, Psy Trance, Radio Schizoid • 30 Mar 2012

Dear friends,

DJ Jordan ( Jordan Perez Bonyo / Etnicanet Recs / Neurobiotic Recs / Greece ) will present a rocking set followed by an interview with Radio Schizoid at following timings :

Mumbai (India)                     Thursday, 5 April 2012, 21:00:00
Athens (Greece)                   Thursday, 5 April 2012, 18:30:00
UTC (GMT)                           Thursday, 5 April 2012, 15:30:00


DJ Jordan ( Jordan Perez Bonyo / Etnicanet Recs / Neurobiotic Recs / Greece ) – better known as one-half of Disco Hooligans has been a part of Goa trance since the early days of 1995. Later he joined Etnicanet Records and had a active career playing at festival and parties all over the world. Together with Nektarios Meidanis he created the band Disco Hooligans. Since then Disco Hooligans had a prolific deejaying and producing span lasting till early 2012. As of February 2012 the Disco Hooligans band project and all its future music productions, much to the disappointment of many friends and fans, came to an end. As always though the beat goes on, the future is coming, full of new tunes, heartening grooves, and fresh collaborations.


Don’t forget to tune in

Psytrance :

Chillout / Ambient :

Progressive trance :

EDM(Trance/Techno/House/Progressive) DJsets :

Cheers :)

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