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BrainH34dZ - Tale of the Brain

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BrainH34dZ is the dark Progressive Psytrance style of Rudra and Apo who first started to make darkpsy/ hi-tech under the name Aalsilogh (VA Everlasting Cosmic Sounds Vol 1// Cosmic Eclipse Recs. 2011 and VA Hypnosis in Hyperspace// Rootwork Recs. 2011).

Both are 2nd generation ravers who caught the last of the awesome rave scenes and outdoor psy parties in North India.The BrainH34dZ style came about when an Aalsilogh track was slowed down by mistake. Also, as producers they were turned on to the slower, stompy and bassheavy grooves by Sensient and Grouch.The music is unique, free structured and impromptu as both artists have different styles of leads, bass, soundscaping, synths and breaks that come together to form a dancefloor ripper!

Tale of the Brain is the debut EP that features 3 tracks that will introduce the listener to and tell the story of the B R A I N H 3 4 D Z.

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