V/A – “World Underground” (Assembled by Archive & Dirge) – Show on Radio Schizoid on 28 February

Dear friends,

Our friends at MMD Records & Kaos Krew Records have come out with a stellar release of great tracks compiled by Archive (MMD Records) & Dirge – MMD Records/Kaos Krew Records . V/A “World Underground” (Assembled by Archive & Dirge)  is OUT on 27th February 2019 !! Over a year chopping, changing, & dismantling this piece of Nightime Psy gold, has resulted in Archive & Dirge finally assembling this full-force 12 track Twilight offering, guaranteed to push listeners & sound systems to the limit. “World Underground” features some of MMD’s friends & fellow manipulators from across the globe, all coming together to bring their fresh & powerful perspectives on the Nighttime Fullon sound. In 2019 where everyone is trying to be over ground, we welcoming back the true spawn to our world…our world underground!

Radio Schizoid will broadcast  “World Underground” Preview Mix by Dirge on 28 February at 9 pm IST on Psytrance channel.

( Cape Town , South Africa – 17.30 / UTC 15.30 )

Don’t forget to tune in

Psytrance / Goatrance :


Chillout / Ambient :


Progressive Psytrance :


Dub Techno :


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