Ghost Note – LiveSet and Interview with Ishikawa on Radio Schizoid on 21st Nov

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Ghost Note ( Shahar Fahima (Israel) / Oded Kiakow (USA) / Psytribe Records ) – will join us for a special show, featuring an exclusive Liveset, followed by an interview with Ishikawa ( Angad Kumar Kapoor / Phonix Records / Kaos Krew Records ) on 21st November on Radio Schizoid ( Progressive Psytrance Channel ).

Ghost Note is the silence between the notes! This project is an international collaboration between, Shahar Fahima (Israel) formerly known as BASIC & Oded Kiakow (USA) a highly experienced musician & producer. Incorporating Massive Grooves, Intricate Synthesizer work and Ghostly soundscapes, this duo takes the audience through a mystical journey into the realms of techno, progressive and psychedelic trance. Since 2015, Ghost Note has spread their sound across festivals & clubs around the world, in countries such as: USA, Israel, Germany, Switzerland & Turkey. They have also released multiple EP`s & singles on various labels, such as: Nano records, UP records, DropZone Records, Headroom Productions, Psytribe Records, Psyology Records, and more.

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Psytrance / Goatrance :

Chillout / Ambient :

Progressive Psytrance :

Dub Techno :

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